About us

Founded by three friends a long time ago in a small air-raid shelter in the tranquil town of Grosshöchstetten, Ownway has formed into an eight-piece band in the following years. Despite some changes they have always remained true to their principles; they write their own songs and play genre-wise "Bucolic Alternative Rock". True to their motto "Never Standart", the freedom to go their own way always comes first for Ownway. The band remains independent and self-determined: Be it with their unique musical interpretations, their unconventional composition, as well as on a personal level. Listen for yourself.

In 2024, the band plans to release their debut album.

Diego / Vocals & Guitar

Diego is the founder of our band! He plays guitar, sings and writes songs at Ownway. As a guitarist and bassist he is also involved in other projects. For him, music is a second mainstay besides his job as a remedial teacher.

Salim / Keys & Synths

Besides Diego, Salim is our only remaining band member from the founding days. With his unique dreamy key riffs he strongly influences the style of Ownway. He also works part-time for Radio SRF.

Nico / Drums

Drummer Nico has been playing drums since his school days and is our great exceptional talent. Without ever having studied music, he plays on an absolutely professional level. Sick! Besides his musical work, Nico is currently completing his Passerelle.

Sofia / Electric bass

Sofia enriches Ownway since 2022 and as a bass player she is a supporting and important member of the band. She also plays in an ensemble and is studying to become a primary school teacher at the PH Bern.

Luana / Backings & Creative Stuff ▲

Luana is our social media expert and above all a great artist! Be it for new merch ideas or also as a background singer: Luana is a true enrichment for our band.

Patrick / Electric guitar ▼

Patrick aka "Pädu" is a true virtuoso, has played in various bands over the years and as lead guitarist has a significant influence on the sound of the band. When he's not swinging his brush as a painter, he's almost incessantly plucking at some strings.

Antony / Technique & Sound Engineer

Antony aka "Anty" is responsible for the right mix at Ownway. Be it in the band room or live, for feedback or detail work: Anty gives us the necessary structure!

Andrea Lisa / Singer & Songwriter

Andrea Lisa won the oldest talent show in Switzerland in 2014 and has already performed as a singer in various bands. The social pedagogue also likes to appear as a solo singer and gives our band a completely new face with her breathtaking voice!