Bucolic Alternative Rock, Bern (CH)

Founded by three friends a long time ago in a small air-raid shelter in the tranquil town of Grosshöchstetten, Ownway has formed into an eight-piece band in the following years. Since 2020 they are on the road in their current composition whereby their center has shifted to Bern. Despite line-up changes they have always remained true to their basics; they write their own songs and play genre-specific «Bucolic Alternative Rock». True to their saying "Never Standart", the freedom to go their own way always comes first for Ownway. The band remains independent and self-determined: Be it with their unique musical interpretations, their unconventional composition, as well as on a personal level. Listen for yourself.

In 2024, the band plans to release their debut album.

In October 2022 we released our new single «Train To Somewhere» !